Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I came back from Tokyo for Kumamoto today. my brother live in Tokyo, so I came back to Kumamoto with my brother. It was finished traning of company for two days. why it cold Kumamoto forever? I don't understand. I heared snow was falling in the morning in Kumamoto so I was surprise. I am going to Osaka and Kyoto for four days. I will looking forward to tomorrow. I may be can't write a blog for four days. I go to Osaka for many times. I like Kansai very much. I want to go USJ. I like amusument park, Tokyo disney land too. I went to TDL last summer. this is very dreamland. I want to go into the world of Harry Potter. I like Harry Potter and I saw all the DVD of Harry Potter. I want Harry Potter follow from now and forever. I will get up morning, so I am go to bed. gn

I am in Tokyo now. I came to Tokyo in the company traning from today. I come to Tokyo for many times but I don't accustamed to the train ride many times. there are a lot of people in the train, so we can't sit down of the chair. The company traning is located in Roppongi. Roppongi is the upscale town and there are many foreign people. become, I come to here the mood of foreign country. I stayed in hotel in Ikebkuro. It was far from Roppongi to Ikebkuro. I was very tired now.
Roppongi and Ikebkuro are bustling town. I go to dinner with friend, we must get up early 
tomorrow so I am going to go bet early. let's do my best.
I went to "sunny place"in afternoon. with friend. this is a humbergers cafe. I went to there for the first time. there is in Kengun. I ate Avocado cheese burger and berry soda. My friend ate BLT burger and cola. I like avocado and cheese very much. Avocado and cheese combination is deliciouse of my best. I often go to Macdonald's and Mos burger. I usually eat a cheese in hnmberger and fryed potato but I always can not eat all. 
I like chiken burger too. chiken is healthy and chiken has a lot of protein. I want to the muscle so I eat chiken. Macdonald's like cheep, but it is not for body. I think it is not good to eat frecentry. I like my mother's cooking. I eat everyday. She makes good something for the body for my family. I have respect for my mother. I want to be mother like my mother for the future and I want to good cooking better than now. 

sorry, i couldn't sent mail for you.I have cold now so my body is tired.

I introduce my friend today. The friend is Marie. She wears hat. She looks very nice. Her high school is same with me in Kumamoto. Erina is same us too. I didn't play sport when we were high school student. but we joined in flower arrengement club in high school. She is a captain in our club. The captain usual afraid of team. I think that good. we practiced arrengement in Monday for a week. we worked to with teacher of flower arrengement club and we likes teacher. It was very good memory. but, when we some times didn't come to school.
she was coming to everyday in the midnight. He didn’t practice tennis in those days. I didn’t practice tennis too. We played with cards every day. It was good old memory. I think he lose many units this year because he don’t come to school. When we were 13 grades, he was coming to school in the same way as me. He often goes somewhere in his circle. I play with my circle, but I can come to school. He doesn’t do it seriously. I look down on him. He has a part time job. It named a game center “Rakuichirakuza”. I also have a part time job at “TSUTAYA”. There are shops in “Clair”. There is my house near Clair. I often go there. I like there. We have many common points. I am maybe similar with him. I hate it, but I like him as a friend.
Today, I went to lunch at gyorai. It is ramen shop in Kumaoto. this shop is near the Kumaoto University. this shop is always possible in popularity. it is the most famous menu "aburasoba" in gyorai ramen shop. it is very good but it is very spicy. I like spicy food very much. i often go gyorai in a week. there are three stores in Kumaoto. this ramen has a lot of chili powder in the spicy soup. I drink spicy soup all. we get a lot of sweat a runny noise. because too hot! it is recommended for those who like spicy food.
I like the other spicy food. For example, fire pot, dandan noodles, Korean food. I like Korean food very much. I am going go Korea next month. I want to eat a lot of spicy Korean food. I never go to Korea so I am looking forward to Korea trip with my friends. 
I want to go Seoul. because I want to shopping there. my friend Miki, She is speakig Korean very much. She often go to Korea and she loves Korea. her boyfriend is Korean people. I want tf guide her if I go to Korea. I think that spicy and Korea have led. 
I talk about my friend and my Spring vacation plan. I am going to go Osaka and Kyoto next month with my circle friends. I went to Osaka two years ago and, I went to Kyoto last year for trip. I like Kansai very much because, I like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatu, etc.. and I like "Kansaiben". I worked with Kansai people in part time job last year. The Kansai people is very interesting. They spoke in Kansai dialect. The word of "Nandeyanen", Kansai people said as soon as "Nandeyanen". I like this word. I often use Kansai dialect when it is playfull. there is Universal Stadio Japan. I like amusument park very much. I will go to there next month so I like Osaka.
I like Kyoto too. Kyoto has alot of templs. There are Japanese calture and history in Kyoto. I went to ever Kyoto three times. I like green tea. I went to Gion. There are many cafe at green tea. I like Gion all of Kyoto. but I don't too much interesting in templ. I want to Gion next month. I want to eat green tea paffe. it is very deliciouse. I ricommend there Kyoto if  means go to travels. 
I finised the tests Saturday. I always had tests for two weeks, and I was very tired.  I was studing everyday with my friends. we were studying into the mid night everyday at the library or joyful. I slept for three hours. it is very short time. My body is bad physiacl condition so I had tired. I have dengerous for my credits. I am not be able to graduate to take the credits in tests this year. I don't know why I am so hard now. I want to graduate this year.